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Prices for Conservatory Extensions

What do I need to spend to buy a new upc conservatory?

Prices for Conservatory ExtensionsIf you are concenred about going over budget when buying a new upvc conservatory, here are a few things that can make a difference to the price – either push it up, or lower it.

  1. Size – the bigger conservatory you want to install, the more it is going to cost – , but you shoud be able to add a metre to width or length without too much extra expense, as its the initial cost, not the differenc in price that is the bigeest investment.
  2. Glazing – adding argon gas, laminate glazing and a solid tiled roof may sound nice, but these are all ways to increase the initial cost.
  3. UPVC colours – you can get coloured or textured upvc, but it will cost more than whiite upvc.
  4. Labour – e.g. London about costs are higher than most other places in the UK.
  5. Roof – if you can live with it, then poly-carbnate is a much cheaper option than a double glazed or tilesd cnservatry roof.
  6. Installer – check out local companies, you may be pleasantly surprised by the prices on offer cmpared to big names.

Always shop around for quotes and ask for a discount – if you dont ask, you don’t get. Go to this site for more info: